2004-06-21 - 11:26 a.m.


The little KOI who cried wolf.

Once Upon A Time in a land that smelled of dead fish and sulfer there was a little KOI who was IN CHARGE of a bunch of people.

The little KOI did not understand the job that the people did, but he was THE BOSS nonetheless. It happens frequently in the land that smells of dead fish and sulfer, so that's not really the moral here.

The little KOI had a tendency to make promises or involve himself in things that would make himself seem much more IMPORTANT than he was. He would say the right words to make people believe that he could handle the things that he had put forth.

Unfortunately the little KOI couldn't handle the complexities associated with a kleenex and so much of the time the little KOI was left either passing the work on to the bunch of people, or pretending that his dog ate his work.

When the little KOI was confronted the little KOI would always fingerpoint to someone else or make some big nasty story about horrible things that happened to him that suppressed his ABILITY TO DO THE JOB.

One day the little KOI had a meeting with the bunch of people and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLUSTERY BLAH'D at length out of his rather spectacularly large sized ass. Unfortunately the person with whom he was supposed to consult about the BLAH BLAH BLAH was NOT consulted.

This unconsulted person is used to BLUSTERY BLAH BLAH ASSTALK from the little KOI and so retreated to her work.

In what must have been a momentary flash of guilt the little KOI realized that the unconsulted person was not her usual sunshine self (fuck you). He pushed, pulled and proded until she acknowledged that she would have liked to have been consulted but what's done is done.

Now, this unconsulted person is known for flying off the handle, but she didn't. She kept her cool.

The guilt of the KOI was enough and he BLUSTERED himself into 3 year old mode. He stomped out without saying goodbye. When she called later to pass on an IMPORTANT MESSAGE he was short with her.

She shrugged.

Now our little KOI is avoiding.

Now our little KOI is saying that he has to be out West because his Daddy KOI is hurt.

Daddy KOI's health is suspect to be sure, and if it were anyone else the Unconsulted one would be concerned.


The little KOI has used this before.

The little KOI has cited huge sad problems that would force him to be on the other side of the state, and then was found playing with his toy trains or lounging in his pool.

So little KOI the moral of the story is....

Kiss my big fat lilly white ass.

Bet you didn't see that coming huh?

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