2004-06-21 - 11:44 a.m.

Wendiloo has a diary.

Edited, because she has now given me permission to link. You can find wendi's diary at: http://colave33.diaryland.com

Wendiloo asked some questions in her diary over the past week.

Wendiloo has no comments area and so her questions either have to remain rhetorical or I can answer them here.

Also, if you'd like to answer any of Wendiloo's questions feel free to do it here, in my comments section which I'm sure she reads faithfully (insert eyeroll here).

Also, if you don't know how to work the comments section here it goes like this:

Look down.

See thing that says 0 Comments so far, click on that and follow the directions.


Wendi's questions:

1. How long does it take for unwiped hockey skate blades to rust on the bottom so much that you can't skate on them?

*** I am betting longer than 2 days!!

I dunno, but I'll ask Brian Boitano what he'd do.

2. If 2 cars are traveling down the same mountain road. Why does the one in front, who keeps pumping their brakes, go faster then the second one who does not touch the brakes at all?

Because pumping is good.

Also, the second car might be some Japanese piece of crap like I drive which randomly decides to drop gears.

3. Have you ever wanted to do something kind of last minute that really would have made you feel better, but decided against it? What were the consequnces of this avoidence?

Regret.Massive quantities of regret.

Ask for forgiveness not permission. Or in the words of share, "the hell with it, just do it. Later you can always say, fuck it, shouldn't have done that."


What do you do when you begin to open up your heart and feel things(life) for a change, instead of just thinking through life, and your heart lets you down and brings you pain in huge doses?

Understand that it's the pain that makes you appreciate the joy? Be glad that you were alive enough to feel the pain, that you were part of the experience instead of a voyuer? I've talked about this before. When Nick and I were thinking of getting back together I went into it knowing it would end painfully, and like I explained to Taj, sometimes you have to just look forward to the pain and say, tough, this is worth it, because otherwise I'm just biding time until I die so what's the point.

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