2006-05-26 - 10:52 a.m.

I know I have at least a few "guy" guys that read this occasionally so help a girl out here.

Today I'm driving to work and I get behind a little red mustang. I don't know the model but it looks essentially like a Pinto (remember those?) with a spoiler fin.

The guy driving the silly thing is clearly 8 kinds of proud of his car. I have high hope because I get behind him at a light, after this light there is a small stretch of 2 lanes and then a merge. I figure, I'm behind a little red mustang that's all tricked out and in the other lane we have an 18 wheeler. No question who comes out in front in the merge right?

The light changes, the little red mustang makes a big VROOOOOOOM and then crawls forward at the pace of my 82 year old Aunt Emma.

We end up behind the truck and Mustang boy VROOOOOM's his way up the truck's ass.


The truck turns off, there is no one in front of Mustang boy.

The little mustang drops back, lurches forward and then continues on at 30 miles an hour VROOMing the entire way.

So here's my question.

The hell?

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