2006-05-26 - 12:23 p.m.

Second entry of the day, just to park my angst.

I have 3 fanfic's in the works at the moment. All three are thankfully published in progress at ff.net, but I had done some work on new chapters for each.

I also have a number of fic's that for whatever reason have not been published anywhere but were still being worked on and polished.

Last week I took everything I've ever written, fictional, diary, all of my instant message sessions that were being edited for the other diary, all of the things that were personal and important work for me and put them on a zip disk.

I erased them from my hard drive because I'm starting to share this computer with my boss in the next week and I don't really want him poking around in that stuff. I don't think he'd have an issue with it being there, I just don't want him reading all of it.

I was careful with the zip disk and had planned on transfering all of the files to my laptop at home when I got the chance.

Today I went to work on one of the stories and the little silver thing on the top of the zip disk fell off.

I tried to fix it, put it in the computer it made terrible noises and I had to fight to get it out. I tried again with the same results. Then I took the silver thing off entirely and had the same results so it would appear that I've lost everything.

I'm absolutely sick.

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