2007-01-09 - 12:01 p.m.

I squee'd today. I giggled and smiled like an idiot and the reason why is possibly the most embarassing thing I will ever admit in this diary.

Take a moment and consider that. I mean, I've admitted to some pretty embarassing things.

Let me tell you the evolution of the squee inducing moment.

I've been dying to write an NCIS based fan fic centered around McGee getting a girl for awhile. I just couldn't come up with a fresh concept. I've written a few things working up to one direction but I hated every minute of it because it was a completely played out scene.

Yesterday afternoon a new direction hit me. My muse woke from a VERY long sleep and started pounding at me from every direction. I can hardly keep up with all of the ideas flinging themselves past my brain. I already have typed pages, lined pages handwritten and bits of paper everywhere with notes and lines and potentials.

I couldn't sleep. I woke up an hour early and made notes.

When I got to work today I couldn't open enough websites at the same time to do the research I needed.

One of the things I needed to search is some song lyrics. I wanted something about being born too late and I was hoping it would be from an old song.

I remembered, very vaguely that Shaun Cassidy had done an album that of older songs titled something like Born Too Late, perhaps there was a song of the same title.

Nope. Not by Shaun. The album was called Born Late. I stumbled onto a discography at a Shaun Cassidy fansite that was updated Dec. 17, 2006. Can you imagine?

Seeing the album covers brought back a rush of memories. I couldn't stop myself, I went over to W*mart.com to see if they had any old SC for download.

They do.

They don't have the ones I would have chosen, mostly, but they did have one that I played into the ground, alone in my "basement disco", "Hey Deanie". I couldn't help myself, I had to hear it with these adult ears.

Let me say first that I have, in the interst of nostalga tried to go back to other things and see what I found so amazing about them. Wendiloowhoo bought The Sonny and Cher Show dvd's for me and I can barely get through them. The music is bad, the jokes are hokey,I can't believe anyone ever watched this stuff.

I used to love a Growing Pains and Mama's Family but now it's painful to watch them.

So I was prepared to find Shaun cringeworthy and probably funny.

I played the little sample.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Squee.

Big time Squee. I was transported. I found it impossible to keep my eyes open. They shut tight and I was in the basement, alone, wearing skin tight bellbottoms and this red shirt that was patterened like a bandana that tied up in a sexy little knot.

You have to be kidding.

I could TOTALLY listen to Shaun still. I went looking for other places that might have more of the songs I'm missing...wish me luck.

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