2007-01-11 - 11:45 a.m.

It's such a weird thing.

I think pretty much everyone who reads here knows by now about my very strange and special relationship with Charley.

We're two parts of the same whole and while usually that means that we're completely in sync there are some situations in which it means we are complete opposites.

Unfortunately one of the things that we're opposites on is politics.

It's deeply disturbing really because so much of our politics reveal who we are at our core, so how can we be so much the same and yet so completely different?

When I read what he has to say about some things it makes me positively livid and desperately sad but then when I see him I smile, or if he says these things to me in person it's easier to take, I suppose because it's his voice and I know his heart.

I dunno, but it's strange.

While we're playing along those lines (the Charley lines, not the political ones) it's equally strange how Nick and I want such screamingly different things from life and yet our views on some things like art and travel can be so similar.

Nick's almost the opposite. When I look at him, or hear his voice I have a visceral reaction of hurt and anger but if I just read what he has to say about something I'm always charmed.

Oh these men in my life.

Odd ducks. (Pretty, to be sure, but odd)

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