2006-04-19 - 1:13 p.m.

BEFORE YOU READ THIS you should know, it's the second entry today, so don't forget to go back and read the first. They aren't in order, I just don't want y'all to miss any of the juicy goodness.

This is why I hate IT people. I'm going along happily in my day. I have a billion sites I visit, most of them are bookmarked, I have no freaking clue where they are or how to find them, but it doesn't matter right? Because they are BOOKMARKED.

My SSC email server thingy which is new because if this college doesn't change stuff when it starts to work we might all become productive and then what the hell would happen shits the bed.

I call IT to let them know. Months ago.


So they call back and say they'll come fix it. Only they don't. Then they call and say, hey, we'd love to come fix it only it appears that you have a couple billion viruses on your computer. Would you like to do something about that or would you like us to.

No. I don't want anything done. Much like Polly who made the Parasites her Pals (and actually I think her name might be Sally but it should have been Polly) I have formed deep lasting relationships with my viruses and worms.


Only not. So I buy an update because the school uses McAffee which everyone knows is complete crap and I go ahead and scan for viruses. There are NONE by the way, but there are some Spyware threats.

I know I'm fascinating people but spying on me is useless. I have no money and running up bills will not help you.

(By the way, I have badass new nail polish on today that I bought yesterday. It's called Purple Passion I think and I can't stop watching my fingers type because it's so fricking cool)

Whatever. I get rid of all the threatened files and call IT to say that I'm clean now, I have seen the error of my ways and can I please go back to getting my all important work emails so that I know when the drama department is doing the vegas version of Shakespear or whateverthehell I get in that email.

I'm just about to settle in to watch NCIS and IT boy calls me back to say he's on his way. He's just gonna reinstall the software for my email whatsis and runawayhome.


I gather Dobie and we watch NCIS (I have an issue or two with this episode but fine, whatever, lets say I believe there's no stipling, let's say I don't have a problem with the fact that she didn't get the side of her head blown off. Let's not bring up the fact that Dobie was right and it would have been way better if the chip thingy would have been hung around the cat's collar.)

It's a good episode because Gibbs and Abby are cute and flirty and I don't even hate Tony all that much except when he does the bad Bond impression. For the record? I find it really unintersting when Tony and Zeva flirt. They're over the top. You wanna get clever? Ziva and Abby flirting would be lovely.

Again, I'm old, my mind wanders. The point is that IT boy comes and installs the whatever on Dobie's computer where it also shit the bed and then turns to mine.

I watch the end of NCIS. I watch the preview for next week which could be the BEST.EPISODE.EVER because my girlfriend is going to be stalked. (Except they're gonna make it all McAbby instead of Gabby but whatever).

I get insanely excited about this and grab the tape to go tell Dobie who gave in to the call of work at the end of the episode. Only I fling the tape across the room and break it.

I blame IT boy.

I make my way, sad and dejected about the broken tape, back to my office where IT boy is doing something to my computer even though he says the whatsis for my email is installed already.

What's that you're doing?

Oh we changed blapities. Now you have to have smchemperflibt. I'm changing all of your files over to that.
Only it's going to take roughly the gestation time of a giraffe (18 months) so I can't wait. When it's done do a bunch of things you don't really understand and everything will be peachymckeen.


So I figure while I wait for all of my files to copy I'll just pop online.

Only guess what?

I have no bookmarks.

I bet McGee could find them.

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