2006-04-20 - 11:23 a.m.

Oh My Goodness! Just in time for my birthday (I'm talking about that a lot huh? I'm really not trying to prompt anything, it's just been on my mind. I'm trying not to see 40 as anything other than just another number, and didn't expect it to be a big deal but honestly, it is kinda a little unnerving)...

Uh, anyway...just in time for my birthday Jim Benton my hero has come out with Happy Bunny Car Junk!

I tried to grab pictures but for some reason I can't so you'll have to follow the Link of Happy Bunny Coolness to see the stuff.

The thought of Happy Bunny car junk is too exciting.

I went looking for a Happy Bunny licence plate thingy a while back but couldn't find one anywhere so I ended up with a dolphin one that I never put on because my head is not in a dolphiny place.

I especially love the floor mats and the steering wheel cover, but hello, did you see the little rub on window sticker on the bottom that says "Everything is great thanks for asking." and happy bunny has a hatchet in his head?

I want that tattoo'd on me somewhere.

Damnit I wish I wasn't broke. I could do all my shopping for a year right there at BlackJack.

I colored my hair the other day because the grays were taking over. Well, no, that's not why. The grays don't bother me much, it's when the roots start taking over that I get crazy.

Normally when I color my hair I get a little rush out of it, like I'm doing something for myself that's completely just indulgent, serves no real purpose. I didn't get the rush this time because if it had been truly self indulgent my hair would be jet black right now.

You heard me.

I desperately want to dye my hair blacker than black.


Someday I'm gonna be a very messed up senior citizen.

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