2006-04-19 - 11:00 a.m.

Wow. All my buddies were watching NCIS (almost all, Hi Crate!) and no one told me how great it was?

You guys suck.

I still love you but you suck.

As for yesterday's comments:

Crate: I'm gonna try to be around more, I really like the new look so I want to see new words in it. Plus I'm all backed up, I have like, word indigestion now that I finished Fix.

As an aside, I was so NOT going to carry on with Fix, or GSR fic in general because I'm so mad at CSI for taking what had so much potential and turning it into a piece of predictable pabulum. I really wasn't feeling any love for them at all but then yesterday Mezz emailed me this tasty picture of Grissom and Sara from an upcoming episode.

The picture was 100% Spoiler Free but there was something about it that made my head start writing. I can't make it stop now. Looks like there will very likely be a sequel.

Um, but I digress...next comment from yesterday was from Mezz:

I had NO IDEA that Pauley P was in Lady Heather's Box. Now I'll be watching that today. I can guess where I'd find her, in fact I almost think I remember her, but I have to watch and be sure. That totally derailed me from what I had planned on watching today (or listening to as it were) but it's cool.

I will be watching last night's NCIS over lunchtime. I tape it tuesday nights and watch it on wed's at work during lunch, usually with Dobie.

Watching with Dobie is a dodgy prospect because I of course want to yell at the screen and make snide comments to Tony (mostly just "Shut up Tony" but whatever) and he's all just sitting there watching and adoring the show. Bah.

I did sneak and watch the first 10 minutes last night before bed because I just couldn't wait.

E-Beth: I can't believe you didn't make me watch this sooner! I can't believe you didn't bait me over with pictures of Abby and promises of Abby and Gibbs in a 12 way with a car full of circus clowns. BAD E-BETH.

Also, you don't need to send goodies, I was like, a miserable friend and totally missed your birthday. I suck completely and I know it.

If it makes you feel any better I also missed the Bug's birthday and took the occasion of another friend's birthday who I've known for 11years to make it perfectly clear to her that we are No Longer Friends, so all in all just having your birthday ignored by me might not have been a bad deal.

I would like to state for the record though that the missing of E-beth's birthday was in no way a reflection of my waning love for her. My love for you is strong and true just like my love of silly quotes and red licorice!

Also, I love that we hate the same people. I hope the rumours that Lauren Holly is the one leaving are true, because if it's Mark or Pauley I'm gonna have to get serious on CBS.

and last but certainly not least, my beloved pet, my beautiful baby girl, LILO:

First of all, how the hell are you darling? I so miss you!

You do know that I"m gonna need an explanation of how you know how hot Pauley P is in real life. Type slow.

As for your logo, stick with this one a little longer, I'm in love with the colors. I have to shield my eyes from the countdown you have going on there, but so deep is my love for you, that I am willing to take the deep breaths and pay more attention to your beautiful words.

Also: Your mom has good taste. Mark Harmon has been a hottie since way back but now that he has that silver hair that I love he's irresistable. Plus any guy who kicks desks and can get a cat into a crate with just the word "HEY!" is my kinda man. Mmmmmmm.....Gibbs.

Okay kids, there you have it. I didn't abandon you today. One day at a time right?

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