2005-09-13 - 11:43 a.m.


I'm back.

Did you miss me?

Well, of course not, you barely noticed I was gone because other than that Anderfest I shared last I haven't been very attentive to you.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me?

I'll say this for you- I was without net access for over a week and the only thing I missed was diaryland. Well, d-land and Gawker. Gawker is my new favorite thing.

For all my friends who are Anderson Cooper fans, or Anderson Cooper fans in the making go here to read a really great article about him. Apparently I missed him crying on air.

I hate not having cable.

The thing is that the cable people like you to pay for the cable service. And if I had the cable service I wouldn't be able to leave my home because somewhere on cable there has to be something I can't live without seeing at any given point in the day.

For example. I'll bet somewhere on some cable network right now someone is reruning Alice. Right now Flo is telling Mel to kiss her grits.

I would never be able to tear myself away from that to come to work. I don't know how the rest of you do it.

So I missed Anderson crying.

Because everyone is so hooked on this "getting paid" thing.


I left you for a moment. A week away from the computer gives me much to catch up on...I just tripped over Oprah's name so now you're going to get the rant.

bah. I don't have the energy for it. I just want her to get slapped down. Just one damn time. We do all realize that she firmly believes that she is God now right?

Her and her "Angel" network bullying their way past people who are doing their jobs in the south so that they can get their faces on tv. Look bitch, the guy who's down here busting his ass to try and keep the fecal matter from spilling any further onto the babies? He says you can't come in. He means it.

Oh, but I have to take footage of John Travolta smiling and loading a truck.

Well then by all means Miz Winfrey...I forgot you had an important mission to increase the face time of you and your celebrity friends.

I'm sickened that Anderson took part in that.

I'm more sickened that people seem to think we need a telethon to tell us to donate money.


I want to know who was sitting at home with 20, 100, 1000 dollars burning a hole in their pocket and thinking...I wonder what good cause this could go to? Oh, I bet them folks who were devastated by Katrina could use help. There's that phone number for the red cross (by the way, never give your money to the red cross, they're shiesty, give it to the Salvation Army where it will do some good). That Red Cross numbers on tv every day. A billion times a day.

If only some celebrities would get together and sing some songs and read a bad script. Then I could give this money to those folks.

The saddest commentary is that the telethons work. Someone out there, lots of someones out there were sitting around not donating until the Dixie Chicks told them to.

If the Dixie Chicks told me to breathe I'd never take another breath...but I digress.

Oh, that's enough of that really. Other than this...those telethons for Katrina? Where were Brad and George? OH, right. They were working out the deals for their new casino.

Too bad the Hurricane didn't hit Africa, we'd have had wall to wall Clooney/Pitt fests onair.

I'm just saying.

On a lighter note my Christmas shopping is not only mostly finished but I spent the 90+ degree day yesterday wrapping all of it.

That's right suckas I rock.

Coop knows it. And now you do to.

Oh, And? Fashion week in NYC? Bless it's heart it do bring the MOST interesting visitors my way.

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