2005-09-14 - 11:25 a.m.

Uh, I stole this (such as it is) from E-Beth who didn't say where she stole it from. Or maybe she did and I wasn't paying attention.

Anyway, I gather I'm supposed to answer for this exact moment so...

Watching: The words I type show up on the screen, in the little white box in d'land because as we've said before I'm a rebel and I don't prewrite this crap, which explains a lot really. If you had asked a few minutes ago (not that you asked at all actually) I was watching Anderson Cooper video footage on CNN.com. I can watch all the crap about the people, but when he went to the "victims without voices" thing about the pets I had to turn it off. I can't cry another day. I'm at work so the watching choices are pretty limited.

Wearing: These unbearably cute pj pants

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A red tank top and a cute new ring that I guess I could have taken a picture of too but now I'm too lazy.

Fantasizing: This one could take awhile. Let's start with a couple visuals:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah, lets not explore this too deeply. Lets just say, there's a lot less clothes in the fantasy...oh, and he likes girls.

Reading This is kinda sad to admit. I read "A Mother's Story" by Gloria Vanderbilt last night. The whole book, between Big Brother commercials. It's the story of Anderson's brother killing himself in front of his mom. He jumped out of the window of Anderson's bedroom. Let me say this, I understand Anderson just a hair better after reading this because Gloria is just...well, she didn't put a ton of thought into how her other children would feel about the things she said, let's just leave it at that.

Before that, and I haven't finished it, I was reading Not tonight honey, wait til I'm a size 6 by Susan Reinhardt which I really wanted to like but am finding more sad than funny and more than a little forced. I just finished Laurie Notaro's I love everybody and other atrocious lies. I'm so disappointed by her. It's much the same as the David Sedaris thing. People I think are very funny and on the ball just drool over these authors saying how great they are and I read them, yeah, I may get a smile every couple of chapters, but I read diaries that are better.

You want a book recommendation for smart funny? Calvin Trillin's Enough is Enough and other rules of life which you can get at Amazon.com for all of 22 cents. Best 22 cents you'll ever spend. And his Travels with Alice and Tummy Trilogy are great too, just stay away from his fiction, I find it slow and dull. Our politics couldn't be more different but this guy is flat out dry humor at its finest.

Wondering: So many things. For instance:

What is that bug bite on my arm and is it going to kill me?

How did I get yet another mosquito bite and is THAT going to kill me?

Am I going to be alone at work all day today or is someone going to come in and kill me?

Why God hasn't struck down Pat Robertson.

Is it too early to eat lunch?

Would Anderson Cooper have gone gray so early if he hadn't been surrounded by so much pain?

Does Anderson Cooper have on underwear right this moment and if he does what color is it?

Wishing: This could be a long list.

I was a (curvy) size 6 without having to control myself at all.

I was just a hair taller. (well, you know, I mean 80's hair, so like 5 inches)

Politicians were injected with truth serum that would force them to only speak the truth for the duration of their time in office.

I could rescue every stray, abandoned, hurt and abused dog in the world.

I could control lightening and turn Oprah and Pat Robertson into small piles of smoldering ash.

I were in a hammock somewhere tropical with my husband Anderson.


Ciggarettes didn't cause cancer, or make you look 20 years older than you are.

I could do this all day. Let's move on.

Tasting: Not much. I haven't eaten yet today and even my toothpaste has worn off since it's noon. Soon I'll be tasting a nice hot pocket. Ham and cheese baby!

Smelling: Not a blessed thing, thankfully. Usually it smells like 6 kinds of fish ass in here but not today.

Add to wondering...what Anderson smells like. Normally. In Manhattan. Not today when he's chasing peole pulling 5 day old bodies out fo buildings.

Hair: My hair is so hateful. Normally it's a bitch, just limp and annoying and it's getting too long. I never think hair can be too long until mine gets to the point where it wakes me up at night because I have to physically move it out of my way, or it gets caught under my arm pits when I move. Gah. But today, today when the only other living souls I am likely to encounter are related to me? My hair is glorious, bouncy and full of life, highlights gleaming just so...bastard hair.

So there you have it. Blame E-Beth.

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