2004-10-13 - 11:16 a.m.

Splinky beat me at Booo-opoly sunday night.

Splinky came over sunday night to play Booo-opoly even though I had told her that we'd go see Taxi.

Anyone who's been paying attention can tell that I was in no shape to go to a movie, I was limpy and burned and had a lump on my head the size of Montana, plus with all the running around and whatnot I had had no sleep (speaking of which I had 3 hours sleep last night which even for me is ridiculous).

Splinky was disappointed about the movie, but trooper that Splinky is Splinky came over and played Booo-opoly.

Splinky was doing quite well at the game but was that good enough for Splinky? It was not.

Splinky felt the need to grind in her heel and crush me into the carpet. (Gotta get that cleaned now).

At first I was mystified but then I realized that Splinky is much more calculating and cunning than I had ever given Splinky credit for. You see, when Splinky first arrived at my place Splinky stated that she was hungry. Then Splinky went on to hem and haw abour whether Splinky should order food, waiting until just the right moment to call Fio's (home of the worlds greatest cheese steaks). Splinky then said that they couldn't get to my house with Splinky's sub until the exact time that I would have to go and pick up you know who from Aunt Emma's house.

I tell Splinky that she can just hang out and wait for sub guy while I make the Emma's run and start out to do just that when Splinky innocently asks what to do with my very smart watchslobberer when subguy shows up. Splinky knows that I will now put watchslobberer into his room so that he will not be around to witness what happens when I leave the house.

When I return after leaving Splinky alone in my home. Alone with the Booo-opoly game including the booo-opoly bank, is that I get creamed by Splinky who has all kinds of money to buy up all kinds of property and haunted houses and full moons.

And of course I was a very gracious loser. If Splinky says otherwise it's because she's a liar and a cheat and not because I was like a tantrum throwing 3 year old, I can assure you of that.

There now Splinky do you feel like I talked about you enough in the diary today?

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