2003-05-01 - 4:23 p.m.

So here's the new dilema.

(First off I'm too sick to spell so bite me if you're looking for spelling)

Like I've been saying all week, I'm sick. I thought I knew what I had because it's doing exactly what Tara's did so I assumed I had what everyone has. Tara said everyone's doc said it was some viral thing and all you could do was gargle and take alieve. Um, ok.

Now though, Nick's doc thinks it's pneumonia, but Okay, Nick's system has it's own crap going on so even though I gave him whatever and he probably didn't help himself walking in that damn rain and sitting on those damn planes full of coughing breathing medical nightmares (though I'm really really glad he did) he probably has something more serious (sing it with me...doesn't have to be serious) than I do.

So then I get an email from Wendi lou who, who says that she's sick, has been all week. I probably gave this to her too since we hung out sunday night (and if I tell you doing what I'll get my head chopped off so I won't). Only she says she went to her doc and her doc doesn't know what it is BUT it could be mild pneumonia.

Um. Well. About a month ago Dr.B was out with pneumonia, not mild, ravaging, live threatening pneumonia. And then she came to school and breathed all over students and faculty. So we're probably all walking around with little bits of her pneumonia stuck on us.

Wendi said that she got an antibiotic and feels better.

So here's the dilema. Do I go to the doctor and get an antibiotic, which I hate to do because antibiotics are evil and this thing will most likely go away on its own, do I take one of the old decaying antibiotics that I have under my bed or do I just sit here and whine to you all?

I'm definately breathing in Amy sunday night. That much we do know.

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