2004-03-29 - 11:54 a.m.

Chatting with Wim got me to thinking that he and I have been playing a similar game for years, only I never really noticed it before.

Um, if you're trying to place the Wim story part of it is here:


If you know the wim story you don't have to go back to that, it's the fire escape thing.

If you are one of my net friends, or new friends and you don't know the full on Wim story then let me give you the readers digest:

Met Wim back in (I hate this part...it was all SO long ago) 91 maybe? Yeah, it was 90 or 91.

He was a friend of Matthew's, before Matt started dating boys. When Matt was dating my almost cartoon-like arch nemisis Tamara Lynn Child. In fact, I believe it was the night before Matt and Tamara Lynn's first date.

Matt introduced Wim to me and I hated him on contact. He was easily one of the two handsomest men I'd ever met. Charismatic and hypnotic. His offense? He knew it.

His first words to me? "Hi, how am I?"

My response? "obnoxious"

and I turned my attention back to Matt.

I believe in that moment I inadvertently started a dance Wim and I have done since. I honestly had no intention to get to know him better. I had no interest at all.

Matt invited myself and a few other friends on his first date with Tamara Lynn (sign one this wasn't his ideal date) to Canobie lake park. My response was that I would go as long as his obnoxious friend wouldn't be there. He agreed not to invite him.

That was a particularly bad trip to Canobie for me. (BEWARE I FEEL A TANGENT COMING ON) The first time I saw matt I was interested in him, vaguely, but interested. I expressed to Tamara Lynn-who at that time was posing as my friend- that he was cute and she immediately asked him on this date. Also invited on this date was her best friend who's name I have forgotten but I think may have been Ann, and Bryan. Bryan is a whole other tangent, but let's just say this, Bryan was my territory until the evil Ann came along.

wow, okay, new page, less tangent...maybe

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