2004-04-22 - 11:52 a.m.

Things 21-30

21. I buy corn on the cob, grapes and other fruits/veggies in addition to seed and bread all winter for the backyard birds and squirrels.

22. I am constantly shopping new careers. I can't imagine how people do one thing for their entire lives.

23. I will alternately listen to one piece of music over and over and over again OR find it impossible to listen to one entire song and have to change cd's/tapes/stations incessantly.

24. I started off on a big high horse about reality shows sucking but now I love them. Some of them. Some still suck.

25. I refuse to watch American Idol because I know I'll be obsessed.

26. I know I could write at least 2 decent books (one's practically written already) but lack the emotional space to make it happen.

27. I started pole dancing at the age of 8, maybe younger, but I remember it at 8.

28. My favorite font is chiller.

29. I really hate it when I take the time out to give someone a really thought out answer to something and get little or no response.

30. I think it's really sexy when someone I find attractive in a cute way says "fuck".

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