2006-05-10 - 5:04 p.m.

I've been writing bunches lately.

Not so much here, but my little fanfic file is building up.

That and all the end of the season teevee is really piling up on me.

Oh, and I'm catching up on oodles of work because I had been really pressed and having all sorts of things to do and then hit a lull so I'm used to going full bore now. Sometimes you don't know how much there is too do until you have too much to do. Then all the things you could have been doing when you had nothing to do all come jumping out of the woodwork.

I wanted to show you guys the new rings I bought this weekend but the Evil Dr. Joe borrowed the camera. I could just show E-beth with my phone, but we'll wait and you can all see. I know, you can't hardly wait.

That and the battery on my phone is getting ready to die which is why I didn't send E-beth that picture of the comic book store by my house with a big sign on it that says "Free comic books this saturday" which for unknown reasons seemed really funny to me at 8AM.

Afghan update goes like this. I got the yarn to attach all of the granny squares for Crate's blanket because I've finished making those, but then I realized that Dobie and Mrs. Dobie will be back from Ethiopia with new baby boy Dobie in less than a week and I really wanted to make them a baby blanket for him so I hope Crate doesn't mind that I've put the afghan square attatching on hold until I just pop out this baby one.

Poor Crate's being put off a lot lately. I was supposed to hang out with him last saturday but instead decided that friday when I took my mom to her eye appointment I would celebrate the beatiful spring like weather by wearing my cute but much too tall for me pink beaded flip flops.

Apparently celebrating spring is code for falling off my shoes and doing my ankle a misery because crutches became the order of the weekend, and begining of the week. (We're off them now, knock wood).

We'll reschedule when being outside doesn't require an Ark and two of each type of animal. So probably July at the rate we're going.

If my mom didn't find the rain so depressing I'd really enjoy it, but I feel guilty loving it as much as I do when I know it's making her crazy. Poor thing.

Only Nine more days of rain to go! Whoo!

A friend of mine sent me an interesting link today, I've already lost it, but if you're name isn't Crate google "I rub my duckie" and see what you come up with. If you get to the site of the folks that make them you'll find wormie, fishie and a bunch of others. My students think I should keep the whole line on my desk as an in joke.

I do think the fish are cute though.

I'm supposed to go out with the Patty and the kids friday night as a late birthday celebration, but the Bug wants me to go out with him...dilemma, and I'm on it's horns.

Don't suggest I put them all together, you'd only do that if you don't know me well enough to know my compartment theory.

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