2005-07-25 - 11:31 a.m.

Monday morning.

First thing I open in my WORK email:

Dear DD/Simon Fan,

Available now for pre ordering ($26.00):

20th Anniversary Edition DVD
Syn Records DT29758 9 (Japan 2005)

Narrated by Simon Le Bon and Skip Novak, this DVD is a digitally
re-mastered limited edition issue made just in time for the 20th
anniversary of Drumıs around the world journey.

In the 1985 Fastnet Race, DRUM suddenly lost her keel in gale force
winds and capsized. Simon Le Bon (of Duran Duran) and managers Paul and
Michael Berrow escaped near death. Six crewmembers including Le Bon were
trapped inside.
The revolutionary 77' Maxi yacht was then completely
re-fitted in record time, making the start of the Whitbread Round The
World Race with just two days to spare. Against these incredible odds
she went on to take 3rd place out of 15 entries. This documentary takes
you for a ride on the Drum for an awe-inspiring look into the danger and
joy of yacht racing. A journey of a lifetime indeed!

Yeah, just in time for him to leave and do it all again. Thanks for the reminder.

Happy monday-you're soulmates gonna be dead inside 3 weeks!

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