2005-07-18 - 1:49 p.m.

Whining paid off.

Not really. That's the easy way to say it, but it isn't the full truth of it. It neglects the weight of the situation, which in my mind is hefty.

Charley and the boat.

Time is ticking away and soon he will once again be sailing on the boat that was nearly the end of him, in the race that was nearly the death of him, 20 years ago.

I'm made enough noise about it that he's promised to come and see me before going.

I know that I won't change his mine, I won't waste my time trying-but I believe that he finally heard my fear and realized I'm not playing, this isn't for drama or effect. I'm concerned and I need to look in his eyes, hold on to his hands and center myself to his mind.

It won't make me unafraid, but it will make me less of a wreck.

In the meanwhile I'll be getting a visit from...oh I'm sure she had a code name at one point...anyway, Taj and her mom are meeting me for lunch this week. I'm looking forward to seeing them both-never thought I'd look forward to seeing Jules, but times they are a changin.

I guess it helps when you have a common enemy.

In other news...I still haven't seen Saw. I really wanted to see it, but I haven't. Now that Don's playing the cop in Saw 2 I really want to see the first one so that I will have a frame of reference.

I probably shouldn't even see 2 given what's up with the Don thing, but we're leaving that alone for awhile. Here anyway.

The point is I went and watched the trailer for Saw 2 today and while I'm never freaked out by gore this made me kinda squicky. I think it's the clown mask. I have bad clown issues.

This afternoon we're renting Batman at work to give ourselves a little afternoon off after busting our butts so much lately. A couple of us have been jonesing to see the original batman for awhile.

Then the Saw issue came up and one of my students has that and we could just watch that. I can’t do that, I have to work up to it, get myself into the “you don’t need to sleep for a month” mode.

We just went and rented Batman anyway. I hope it holds up. I hate it when you completely fall in love with a movie and then you see it years later and it goes flat.

I also bought a watermelon twister to drink while we watch- I miss Cheryl lately. We’d rent movies and drink every day. Course that was also when I started getting fat again, but work was much more fun.

Know what’s sexy? Toe cleavage. But it has to be just a little…too much is ucky.

It rained so hard today. I love those short burst hard rains when it’s hot as hell outside. Sexy. If it would do that while Charley was here I’d burst into flames. (quickly doused by rain, local girl suffers only minor burns today…)

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