2005-03-18 - 12:17 p.m.

I managed to get half way to meet my friend last night before the panic began to set in. Usually it's an all day thing, "What was I thinking I don't go out in public..."

I got half way there and started to freak out. I didn't want to go. He had said he'd already be there though and I didn't want to leave him sitting there alone so I went.

I was late, and the bar was packed.

Why is it that when a bar is set up so that you walk in and are faced with the narrowest end of the bar the biggest asswads place themselves in that spot at the bar so that you have squeeze behind them or climb over them to get around the bar?

Don't bother, I know the answer.

So I try looking around them. It isn't easy, I have the height of a lephrichaun.
They are all obviously recent MBA's who are (I swear) in business suits but feeling each other's asses and talking about who went to the gym. Loudly.

I don't see my friend and I'm certainly not going to crawl over, behind or under the ass grabbing so I return to the lobby where I sit for a time and think.

It takes me 5 full minutes to convince myself not to just run off. Finally I call his cell phone. Turns out he's just pulling into the parking lot.

He comes in, we sit at a table which is sectioned away from the bar, but next to it so we can easedrop without being stared at.

He get's my drink and orders the nachos.

We settle in for updating each other on the who's, how's, Ho's and and why's. It is of course a very good time and I'm so happy that I went.

It's typical. I'm almost always happy that I go, I just never want to walk in the door. Anywhere. I have a few places I know and am comfortable, or a few people that it doesn't matter where we go because I'm so at ease with them I can do anything, but otherwise I just want to stay home and read.

So I went, and I had nachos and I GAINED 2 POUNDS after being so good all week long which is just such bullshit it almost makes me want to say fuck it and eat like a hog except that then I'll have to start savin up for that extra seat on the plane.

So it's back to the water slamming and the lean cuisine. Today's lean cuisine is actually a Smart Ones and it's Shrimp Marinara linguini in zesty mariara sauce with tender bay shrimp and mushrooms and all for just 180 calories.

I'm all a quiver with the excitement.

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