2003-11-12 - 3:21 p.m.

The new banner ads are out...banner ads for you non diaryland folks are ads for other people's diaries that pop up over where we type in our entries. They have pictures sometimes and almost always some sarcastic or sexy message to get you to click on them so that people will come and read these diaries.

I have no banner ads because I don't really care if people I don't know don't read this. That's not to say I don't love all you little weirdos that include me in your daily reads, I do, it's just that I'm not really out there looking for more of you. It just seems like so much work to write a diary that people who don't know you would find worth reading.

People do though. Like SquirrelX. This person, girl, woman, has more banner ads than I've ever seen and she's linked in almost every damn diary I read as a favorite. I've gone there thousands of times to see what everyone thinks is so amazing and am always greeted by a huge list of bold face quotes from various sources. Eh. What's so great about someone who spends their whole day dregding up bizzare quotes? I mean, I love a good quote and have been known to go on a good quote hunt from time to time, but to just, every day keep a diary of new quotes and nothing else? What's the point?

Today though I was innundated with SquirrelX banners and links and click me click me click me junk so I finally went and scrolled through the layers and layers of quotes and after the quotes I found an actual diary entry which was REALLY long. And this is me saying this, me who can go on for hours about whether to eat my lunch with a spoon or a fork. So it was long. But damn if it wasn't one of the best if not the best diary entry I've ever read. Squirrel is a genius.

I'm still gonna just tell you what I had for lunch and throw in a hot boy now and then though, okay? Cause I don't got the kinda gumption ole squirrel has.

If you want though:


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