2004-12-13 - 12:46 p.m.

A question.

You are drowning.

A person is drowning next to you.

You have no feelings about this person next to you one way or another except that you feel bad because they're drowning.

Someone is working to save the person next to you. They have committed to saving that person next to you. Vowed to save this person.

Then they decide that they have to save you. That it's what they were born to do.

In order to save you they have to let go of the person next to you.

It's possible that they've given the person next to you enough help that they can drag themselves, with much effort, to safety.

It's not a guarentee. The person next to you may not make it without the help.

You are treading water, tired, but unhappy and likely to die that way but not immediately.

Do you allow this person to save you?

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