2004-12-13 - 3:39 p.m.

It's so tempting.

There are lyrics BEGGING to be given.

No one reads them anyway, so it's probably not worth it.

Maybe they'll slip in, we'll see.

Months ago I banned Don from reading this diary. I can tell when he does and he hasn't, not once that I can see, since I asked him not to.

He's reread stuff I wrote at my "Donnie" diary over and over and over, but he hasn't cheated and come here.

Sweet boy.

I stopped him from reading here because I felt like I couldn't say what I needed to say without hurting him or encouraging him or somehow impacting him and I didn't want to sensor myself for his benefit.

Now we've talked (ahem.) and he's allowed back.

"Here I go again
making promises"

He went back and read every freaking page since the last time he was here.

When I started to wonder why he'd bother I realized that if the tables were turned I'd have his pages printed and be going over them like a derranged maniac.

Now before those of you who know me start saying what a bad idea this is let me just reinforce for you what a grandiose waste of time and breath that would be.

"if I tell you no
it still sounds like yes"

I know it's bad. He know's it's bad.

"You know the rest
do I have to say it?"

Telling me...useless. Maybe you should tell him.

"Well, I warned you once
but without success
and I just escape
with my heart
a mess"

I've tried. I've told him, but he won't believe me.

I'm not worth the aggrivation.

Ask J.

No, wait, bad example. He'd say I am. I dunno why.

You guys tell him, maybe he'll listen to you.

Tell him why I'm such a bad idea.

We're kinda obsessed with each other.

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