2004-12-23 - 4:07 p.m.

The Bug dropped by this afternoon to exchange Christmas presents.

Normally we do this at lunch or dinner with my boss who's acronym I have forgotten it's been so long since I've used it.

Oh, wait, I remember, the KOI. yes, the KOI and I (King of Incompents for those of you who aren't up on these things, also a large useless, ornamental fish in a very small pond) normally have a meal, many alcoholic beverages included with the The Bug (not an acronym, he's an entomologist) at Christmas and exchange gifts and loud ribald laugher.

(Note, as I was wondering if Ribald was ribauld I spelled laughter lafter.)

This year life got in the way for all of us and the Bug and I ended up exchanging gifts here in my office.

The what's of the gifts aren't important.

He was rushed and had many things to accomplish but took the time to sit and listen to the stories of the recent home drama. He coo'd and aw'd and oh no'd in all the correct places.

We discussed my inability to say "no mas" to my family and then talked about how I have to turn off the "good side" of me.

I told him something I hadn't planned on telling anyone about a little thing I did for someone because I felt like it was the right thing to do for someone who deserved it. I felt good about doing it, but his comment about my needing to turn off the being good made me feel the need to confess it.

He said I shouldn't feel badly about that (I didn't,really) and then he went on to tell me about how when he was teaching he had a litmus test about doing good things for students.

One of his tests was would he do the same thing for a student who was NOT droolworthy.

We'd had limited conversations about students that he'd drooled over in the past.

Two specific students come up time and time again because they pissed me off, or rather, he attention to them pissed me off.

This was the first time I'd heard the sweeping generalization of droolworthy students.

I told him he obviously did not only help the student he found drool worthy because of all the help he gave me.

This was a stupid thing to say given the nature of our relationship when I was his student but even though we were the way we were I would never have said he made me feel drool worthy.

When I said this I got the most satisfying look, and then I got a better gift than anything that was wrapped in ribbon or taped together in paper. He told me drooly thoughts he'd had and remembered from very early on in the time we met.

Picture Grissom telling these things to Sara, it's much the same, My Bug is very much Grissom, only with even fewer people skills.

Very fuzzy Christmas indeed.

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