2004-12-17 - 12:03 a.m.

Driving home last night my cell phone rang.

I'm over my minutes for the month so I thought about not answering it but it was J and he's been away. I haven't talked ot him in awhile and I sort of miss him (like when someone pokes you in the arm for an hour straight and then they stop, you know how you miss it?)

I answer the phone and he's out of his mind.

"Sing it with me."

"sing what with you."

"Not funny. Are you going to do it or not."

"Seriously, sing what with you?"

I think he means the one song I will sing with him on stage, every once in awhile, if I'm in deep enough trouble with him or lose a drunken bet.

I think I might have forgotten a deal I made to sing somewhere with him around Christmas.

He starts right in on the song.

"I got chill's they're multiplying..."

"You have got to be kidding me."

"I just heard it on the radio. I'm desperate, please?"

"Go ahead."

So I get to pay for a phone call in which I fed the Grease Monkey on J's back and sang "You're the One that I want" with him

He hasn't asked for it in a long time so what the hell.

My life is filled with wacko's.

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