2004-12-17 - 5:13 a.m.

Chapter 13 Lucidity

Sara smiled in the darkness. He was beautiful when he slept.

She climbed carefully onto the bed beside him, not wanting to wake him. It was better this way. He was on his side, curved slightly, and she fit neatly next to him. She faced him and studied him with a leisure she hadn’t been afforded previously.

She thought about the nights of torture, working so close to him but rarely touching, always wishing. It didn’t matter what happened now. If he woke up and this spell had been broken, if they didn’t reach the logical physical conclusion of this weekend of temptation, she would somehow still be satisfied. She knew now how he felt; that it was as difficult for him as it had been for her, and somehow she thought that might be enough for now.

Before long her breathing fell in step with his and she too was peacefully asleep.

‘Cozy. Nice.’, his mind not really putting it all together. Grissom wrapped his arm around Sara and drew her closer to him in a sleepy embrace. She snuggled, lost in a dream, too deep to completely awaken. They retained this position for a time until he reached down, tilted her face up to his and kissed her. She returned the kiss, still half inside a dream.

His hand slipped down, finding the bottom of the t-shirt. He rested his fingers on her thigh; she slid her leg over his, his hand falling behind her and coming to rest on her backside. Her fingers curled into his sweater, pulling at him like a sleeping child at a stuffed toy. He stroked the soft silk of her panties and then pulling the shirt up with his hand, played his fingers along the path of her lower spine.

“Uhhhh” her breath came out as they parted, his mouth dipping to taste her throat. She pulled at the edges of his sweater, urging him back so she could remove it. When it was gone, he resumed his exploration of her neck, using his beard to pave the way, following with his open mouth.

He pushed her gently to her back, working the t-shirt up her abdomen as she rolled. Sara reached to remove it but he caught her hand, “Not yet.” His voice was raspy with sleep and sex.

He kissed the skin he had exposed and then with a wicked grin in her direction rubbed his face downward, the motion pulling the top of her panties down some and then went back to meet her mouth.

“Tease” she said it into his kiss. He cocked an eyebrow and slipped the shirt higher, sliding his hands up her sides. She scraped her short nails into his back.

Again he left her mouth to explore the newly exposed flesh and again he traced is way downward, the panties a little lower now with his chin. Her fingers slipped through his hair, tugged at the dark gray thickness and then caressed his temples as he came back to lick at her lips.

His fingers teased her through the t-shirt now and she nipped at his chin with her teeth. This brought on a most satisfying moan on his part and she smiled to herself.

The t-shirt made it over her head and he lowered himself. She expected his kisses to continue the pattern he had created but he surprised her, his chin appearing between her thighs, spreading them slightly, she trembled at a hot burst of breath against the thin scrap of silk that separated him from his conquest.

“Kiss me.” She begged it.

He immediately returned to her mouth, crushing himself down on her now, full length. His arousal making itself apparent in the place his chin had been. She wrapped her legs around him, her arms tightening as he moved against her, “Sara, oh God, Sara…”

She released, she pushed him up and rolled him off of her, getting to her knees and tearing with shaking hands at his zipper. He watched, the sound of their breathing, the vision of her hands, all of it being put into a file for a day when…a realization came over him and he sat up.

His voice dead serious,“Stop.”

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