2004-12-23 - 1:39 p.m.

The Powers That Be at cbs, or more specifically CSI have GOT to stop yanking my chain.

Last year they yanked so hard they broke it and I stopped watching, coming back only after I read that things were improving.

This year I've been pretty happy overall and have not felt particularly f'd with. I mean, yeah, they're gonna tease us with shippy stuff between characters but not let us full force in because this isn't Dallas it's a cop(ish) show and in the end I wouldn't watch if they fed me what I think I want all the time.

However, that said, the new Christmas promo was a huge chain yank that pisses me off.

It's a montage with extra, xmassy type junk thrown in. It mocks a new epidsode but there isn't one.

Bitches. Bastards and Ratholes.

Oh, and one more thing. My muse very nearly returned to me today. I almost began the smutty version of chapter 15 of Lucidity. Then I went and watched the video of Billy getting an award from TV Guide.

I should have known better. Every day that guy creeps me out just a little bit more. The separation of Billy and Grissom has got to be complete for me to be able to write a single word...

Shudder and ew.

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