2004-12-23 - 2:24 p.m.

I don't understand.

Ellen is the cover girl on The Advocate this month. There's a story in it in which Alex, her newly released ex-girlfriend, documents her daily life in photographs.

I want this issue almost bad enough, and possibly even bad enough without the almost to brave the bookstore near the mall on Dec. 23.

I shouldn't have to.

I should be able to walk into CVS, or Brooks, or Market Basket or Stop and Shop and pick up a copy on the magazine rack.

It's not porn for f's sake.

I went to all of these places looking for it. Not one of them had it.

They all had copies of dubious looking magazines with half or even more than half naked women on the covers. One of the places I mentioned had actual soft core porn in wrappers on the top shelf.

But no advocate.

Because apparently we are more afraid of people who love one another and happen to be of the same sex than we are of people who are likely buying a magazine in a hurry so they can beat one off in the parking lot next to your toddler.

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