2006-10-11 - 3:07 p.m.

"It's The Most Wonderful Day Of The Week"

(AKA: OOMM's America's Next Top Model Song)

It's the most wonderful day of the week
With the Jay’s bitchy yelling
And everyone telling you
Be really fierce
It's the most wonderful day of the week

It's the hap-happiest cycle of all
With lots Boo Hooing
And bad photo shooting
Most of these hamsters should have stayed in the mall
It's the hap-happiest cycle of all

There'll be judges a boasting
Models for roasting
And someone thrown off of the show
There'll be scary Tyra stories
And tales of the glories
Of fashion shows long, long ago

It's the most wonderful day of the week
There'll be much tippytumbling
And girls will be bumbling
When trying to speak
It's the most wonderful day of the week

Because on the reals y'all, this?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (photo grabbed from FourFour who is seriously a hell of a recapper for this show and really funny even if he does get a little stupid about being a comment nazi occasionally)

Is the kind of thing that you can't get anywhere else.

In other news...

Have you ever been in traffic and looked over at the truck next to you and realized that the dude driving that truck was someone you used to take baths with but now you aren't even sure if that's him or his brother?

Happened to me this morning.

Now to be fair we wore our bathing suits. (In the tub, not in traffic)

And we were about 4 years old.

We were neighbors and best friends and, now that I think of it, I have a picture of us together in my photobucket:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We're about 5 there, so no more tubby time together. The last time we hung out we were probably in kindergarten.

His mom still lives in the house that used to be next door but there's since been two houses built on the property in between. She's been kind of a wild one since her husband died a couple years back.

Ah old friends, how times have changed.

Speaking of old friends an old friend of mine is getting married this weekend. AT least I think she's getting married this weekend.

We unfriended after Christmas this year, no words were exchanged we just sort of stopped calling each other.

Part of me really wants to show up at the wedding for two reasons, reason one would be that I'd really just like to see her in her gown. We were friends after all and I know she's wanted to be married since pretty much in utero so I'd like to see.

The second reason is that I think part of (maybe most of, but certainly not all of) the reason she stopped speaking to me is that I jokingly said that I wasn't coming to her wedding because the only person I knew there would be her. I think there would be some poetic justice to my showing up uninvited.

We'd been friends for probably close to 10 years and she had a large family and a large group of friends, plus her fiance. I met the few people I did meet briefly, at her mother's funeral even though the rest of them frequently went to concerts and all sorts of things together. It either never occured to her to invite me along or she didn't want me to meet her other friends.

I have a fairly strong policy against meshing my friends and lovers etc together myself but I will say that this particular friend had met most of my friends, most of my family, had even spent time with friends of mine who lived in other states.

I met her fiance one time because I dropped by her house unannounced to drop off something she needed to borrow.

By telling her that I was uncomfortable with being at a wedding where I would know no one I thought that might be a hint to her to maybe invite me to a movie along with someone I might be seated near or similar but instead it was a sign to her to end the friendship.

Honestly I wasn't torn up. I'd done my fair share of complaining about her and her ways for some time and while we did share some laughs and common interests she falls into the catagory of "not a great loss, maybe a bit of a relief".

In fact the first month or so of us not speaking I actively avoided phone calls that had the potential to be hers so when I realized she wasn't calling it was nice to know we were on the same page.

The funniest part of all is that the last time we spoke I had mentioned her moving away this summer and how it would be difficult to get together and she insisted that it wouldn't because, and I quote "I make time for my friendships."

My major complaint with her friendship had always been that she never made time for friendship, but whatever.

So now she's getting married and I hope it's a beautiful day, I hope that it's everything she's always wanted it to be because I know it's important to her, but I also hope that she listens more carefully in her marriage than she did in her friendships and that when there's unsteady water she sees fit to try and calm it rather than sailing off in a different direction.

It seems unlikely, but I hope she can pull it off because she's one of those people who NEEDS to be married.

That's it, that's all I'm going to say for today. I'm just so overjoyed about it being wednesday.

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