2006-10-06 - 1:11 p.m.

I just watched last night's CSI.

I have an issue or two.

1. I know I'm not really up on my horticulture but is it really possible to recognize a rose variety by spending 10 seconds looking at a single petal?

2. I think someone bought a Jump To Conclusions mat from Tom over on Office Space because:
a. water in the mouth automatically means drowning? I think we know better.
b. she's a cop in a hotel that she isn't registered in means she's working security for a high roller? What if she's just on vacation and met some dude staying at this hotel?
c. There's water in an infinity tub so she was obviously killed in this room.

3. This must be one slow hotel your daddy owned Catherine if the only prints on the elevator buttons were your killers...oh and? the guy you arrested did legitimately USE the elevator so his prints there with the grapeseed oil from his own tub don't prove much.

4. Brains just tumble out now? Cause I was under the impression that there were all sorts of nerve attachments and spinal attachments.

5. This isn't so much an issue as an observation that ooked me out a little. Right after Sara reminds Grissom of the first time they met at a seminar where he says something about changing your theory when you get new evidence we find Grissom spouting this same line in answer to the question of a young girl attending some sort of walk through of CSI. So if this show is on for another 10 years and Sara starts to get old can we expect this chick to show up and take her place?

6. I clearly watch too much tv because the dead bodies lined up at the end made me think of that "How many bars do you have?" commercial.

All of that said I have to confess that my irrational hatred of Grissom from the summer seems to have disappeared with the beard. I'm finding him oddly charming and attractive again.

I almost wish the show would just stop the pretense of crime solving this season and just dig right in to the obvious soap opera junk. Just be my guilty pleasure and be done with it, at least you'd go back to being a pleasure.

While we're at it? NCIS this week, blah. The new Gibbs? I'm not feeling him.

With love,

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