2005-11-01 - 11:19 a.m.

'He whose name must not be linked' is always bragging about his super cool spam and I was saying that I don't get super cool spam. I get this same spam every day. The subject line is: FASTES ERECTUS because if it's in psuedo latin you know it's good.

Actually the more I think about it, 'He whose name must not be linked' studied latin didn't he? And he's always on about the spam....hmmmm, perhaps we are on to something.

But not to worry, lest you think that I will be taking some new drug in order to FASTES my nonexistant ERECTUS this email came from someone called "notadrug".

so it's definately safe.


I was going to talk about this the other day but didn't, I don't remember why.

I almost never eat at any fast food places. Well, not the big chains. There's a Bill & Bob's Roastbeef nearby that I'd die without, but I digress.

The other day I drove to work with a fire in my belly for a really bad, flat, soggy cheeseburger and the only place to get those is the chain with the Mc in it's name, like the farmer song. So I decided, I'm late for work, why not make the best of it, (or worst of it) and chug into the drive through.

It was 10:44 AM. They begin serving Non-Breakfast foods at 10:30 AM.

As an aside can we discuss what's so hard about making me an egg mc muffin at 11:00AM or a cheeseburger at 10AM? Is the food locked behind time release gates?

Anyway, I order just the cheeseburger and a soda and I roll through.

I open the cheeseburger immediately and bite into it.

Lukewarm. If that. Room temperature.


It was locked away in the time release food nazi cage with the other "After 10:30 AM" foods until just 14 minutes ago.

You had to have cooked it, it has that caked on grease taste you can only get from a psudo grill that gets cleaned once a year.

Do you have some special cooling technique to make them disgusting immediately?

Do you shove them from the fryer to the shake machine?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Waste of a perfectly good cow if you ask me.

Hmmm, someone changed the time on the clock in my office. I just noticed. How nice. I usually have to beg. It's very high and in an awkward spot.

Oh, a warning to those who will be near me tonight (CRATE and SPLINK, NOT E-BETH who is SAFE) I have a really sore and scratchy throat. It was probably a bad idea to make out with those Canadian Geese.

Yes, that was me saying I'm going out tonight. A TUESDAY night. A weeknight and I'm going all the way into the big city.


I was talking to TheMostBoringBoyInTheWorld today and telling him about tonight and he said how sad it was that I was so excited about going into the city at all, let alone on a tuesday because we were all always in the city all the damn time. And when Jordan lived in Back Bay that was home for crying out loud, but now it's like some big deal to be...you get the idea.

This coupled with my conversation with my original and still favorite gay boyfriend Matt (Crate says I need a cast of characters page and I promise I'm working on it but there are a lot of you so it's taking time) yesterday in which I confessed to never wearing makeup any more (hardly ever) and he confessed that he's stopped covering his grays...well it's all so depressing.

The thing is? I'm not depressed. Not at all, I'm EXCITED.

I should be panicking right now. I should be in full shut down mode.

You see I'm going out. In Public.

And I'm going to meet Crate for the first time.

Which is silly because we "know" each other but I bet every one of you knows what I mean.

It will be fine though because we've discussed it and I know what to expect and not expect of him and he knows the same about me.

And I'm not at all dreading it or trying to make excuses not to go (which is what I was at the brink of a week ago). No I'm giddy with anticipation of a fun evening.

You heard me. Don't make me repeat it.

Of course joy goeth before misery and I'm sure once we're actually at our destination I'll be annoyed because we're going to see a Duran documentary/tour thingy and since the very sight of Nick makes me viscious it may end in bloodshed.

One never knows.

There was something else I desperately wanted to tell you yesterday only I didn't want to move the holiday thing...


No idea.

Ah well. I'm off to pretend to work.

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