2005-10-31 - 1:05 p.m.


And like that.

Happy Halloween.

I guess.

No, it is.

It's just, y'know, can you think of any other holiday in which so many people go to one place in the country?

Every moron with a cape is in Salem today.


You do know that if you come here on Halloween and you don't belong the real wiccans curse you for an entire year don't you?

Okay, that's not true. Real wiccans don't do that.

I do.

I'm sort of excited really because my cousin is coming over tonight with her grandson and my uncle to see all of my halloween decorations.

You too, have been invited on a virtual tour.

I was going to just post pictures here but they're best viewed at full size and d'land isn't really feeling that so I'm gonna just trust you all to go to


and check out the pics and then come back here to comment. With thanks to Pissy for helping me be less useless!

Thrown in with the halloween pics are some bonus pics of my pets.

I didn't get any good shots of the two pumpkins I carved so I'll work on that tonight, and hopefully get some pictures of trick or treaters as well.

Alright, it took my 2 hours to upload the three pages of pictures so you'd better get to lookin and commentin or I'll hex your ass.

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