2005-05-09 - 3:50 p.m.

I was telling Wendiloo today that if my internet would just go down for an hour I'd get so much done.

Well, I took an hour break from all my internet crap and BAM I got buckets of junk done.

I'm so proud.

Of course I finished it all in time to hear that I don't have to go to the main office tomorrow and put all of it into the system so I did it all for nothing.

I feel like a kid who stayed up doing all of her homework for school the next day and then finds out there's no school cause it snowed a foot and a half.

On the one hand YAY, stuff's done. On the other, dang, I could have put it off another day.

Actually though, when I think about it. I have a ton more to do. I just moved the stuff I was dreading the most. This other junk I can do while I do other stuff.

Hey Wendi, ignore this next part okay? Cause it will make you sick.

(If she's still reading it will serve her right cause I bet she thinks it's something all gross and forensicy which she loves but really it's this)

Does Toby Keith's voice go straight to anyone else's bad places? It's the bass in his voice.

Rumble baby!

Okay, wendi, you can look again.

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