2005-05-05 - 1:06 p.m.

yeah, it's thursday, this is the first entry and I can't believe I'm even writing.

I got to work at 12:30 today. I haven't done a thing yet and I have HUGE amounts of stuff that HAVE to be done TODAY.

Not so good.

However I'm super excited because I checked fanfic.net where I'm hosting the newest CSI fan fic I'm writing. I put up the first, very short chapter last night and it's already got 2 reviews.

I hadn't written in so long I figured no one would look at it before I promoted it on my csi boards (which I won't do until I know where the story is going).

So that was a happy surprise.

Sorry, this entry is a zombie free zone.

Plus I prefer asylum movies to dead people movies.

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