2005-05-04 - 12:20 p.m.

Entry Two for wed:

I'm putting a link to Kitty Pot Pie on my page so new people can find it.

New people are great.

They taste like kitten.

My sinuses decided to attack me at 6:17 AM. Is this neccesary? I want to drill holes in my face to release the pressure.

Also can someone tell me why every time my sinuses act up I get a back ache?


So today it's sore throat, backache, ear ache toothache, eye ache, face ache, headache.

I should have stayed home in bed, only I'd have ended up doing more than I will coming to work. Sad state of affairs.

Splink stopped by last night with super cool birthday gifts (which I forgot to take pictures of) and got to see the Ketos show wherein he thrashes wildly about the house barking so loud the walls shake and I chase him with a hypodermic needle. Fun!

You know what I hate? when your hair is the perfect color but your roots are showing so you have to recolor but you know it's gonna f' up the perfect color you've got going.

I hate that.

Oh, I forgot to say, Splink also showed me the sketch for the drawing that will be my template someday and you are all gonna love it!

If I ever get a tatoo this will be it.

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