2005-02-01 - 1:11 p.m.

I asked J about what we talked about in the previous entry cause he's guilty of this, lusting when I look like crap and this is what he said:

...if you look hot I know that what you had in your head when you were pulling that look together was that you were going to use it to make some poor guy cry. I'm done crying. When you look hot I get scared and I get out of dodge...

Then I asked Don, who is behaving himself much better since my rant and his response is:

...I don't want to mess you up when you look like you put a bunch of effort into it. I'd rather wait until you're just you, not Sparkle Bonnie, just, y'know, pajama bonnie. I like pajama bonnie...

Heh, If I could get them to breed I'd marry that baby the moment it was born.

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