2005-02-01 - 11:58 a.m.


I enjoy it and I'm good at it, especially with strangers. Flirting with people I know is easy too as long as I don't really want you. If I really want you I'm gonna have a tough time flirting and not feeling stupid.

Anyway, the best flirting is the kind that happened to me this morning.

I went to the car wash and the cute car wash boy ran to take the antenna off of my car. I thanked him because I always have to ask them to take it off, then I paid and went through. Ta Da.

The thing is though I can't put the antenna back on because I'm too short. Usually I'd just wait until I get to work and have Dobie do it but I drove around and asked cute boy to do it.

He was only too happy to oblige and ran over to my car.

Let me interject, I look like butt today, in my opinion. I am a middle aged, short, not terribly thin these days (Okay, fat, there it is) woman in bright orangey yellow jeans that were supposed to be "tangello" this mellow sort of color according to the catalog but are instead an electric Big Bird sort of thing, a black hippy flowy sort of top and my hair, because I couldn't wash it today is in heidi type braids on either side of my head. My hand is in a sling because I fell and slammed the hell out of my wrist yesterday.

In other words, I am not in sex bomb mode at the moment.

But cute car wash boy didn't notice. He checked out my rims to see if they got clean enough. I told him, don't worry, they'll just get mucked up again at work.

He asked what I do. I told him. We had a cute conversation about how everyone wishes they had my job in June but no one wants it in February. He wasn't just talking though, he was flirting. When I said I had to leave he said he had a break coming up, want to grab coffee. Can't got to go.

He said goodbye, I said goodbye. He walked away then turned to wave goodbye as I pulled out. When I turned around I saw him standing and watching me go in my rear view mirror.

This kid was about 25. I'm 38. This is a good way to start your morning really.

The other crazy thing? When I got to work Dobie's wife came in with their baby. (Cutest baby EVER - and I don't do babies.) Mrs. Dobie says to baby Dobie "Look Baby Dobie, doesn't OOMM look pretty today?"

No makeup, hair in braids, big bird pants...big hit. Who knew?

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