2004-11-30 - 12:29 p.m.

So Colin on Ellie last night...the country line dancing was very nearly the end of me.

When they kissed I didn't know who I was more jealous of.

That's not actually true. As much as I'd love a Colin snog we should all know by now I'd have ripped him off my girl so I could get to her. Then he was grabbing her butt while they were line dancing.


He is lovely, if I could just get Wim out of my head when I look at him. He even has the same mannerisms, he makes the same faces, right before he comes out with some wise ass remark, it's unbelievable.

My mother insists that Colin looks just like my cousin did when he was young. Now he's in his 60's and I gotta say, there's no suggestion he ever looked like any type of hottie. I'm like, it's okay, I don't want to see pictures, one cousin crush in a lifetime is enough thanks. This ain't Kentucky you know.

(The Kentucky thing, if you're from Kentucky and you don't go by the nickname Tramp ignore it, it wasn't a slight on all of Kentucky, it was a shot directed at a certain someone).

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