2004-09-27 - 4:30 p.m.

COSGU was content to sit at the window bench and smoke and drink, but I wanted more. I told her I was going to explore the boat.

This was the begining of what would become an annoying trend that had only one glorious exception.

In the past I have enjoyed shopping with COSGU because we would go into a place and then go our separate ways, look at what we wanted to see, meet up and then go to dinner or whatever and discuss what happened in between.

Somehow on this trip she became velcrowoman. I wanted to go explore so she came to explore. Now if this were one of my other friends, Wendiloo, Splink, Boobs, almost anyone, this would be a welcome thing, hey, great, let's run around and see what we want to do next...

But COSGU didn't want to do anything next. She wanted to wander around behind me moaning about when we were we going back to our window bench. So go back...just go.

We tried every bar but they all seemed empty, only one or two other passengers in them. It was the strangest thing because other than the feeding times, the pool or getting on and off the boat, we never saw anyone. Well, we saw a few people, maybe 20, spread out around the boat, but that was all. Where did they all go? We never worked it out.

There was a singles meet and greet in the disco the first night, I was ready to go but she wanted to loom outside and look in. She looked and said "Ugh" and walked away.

I followed, though I shouldn't have. I should've just gone into the disco, but that was in the begining and I still thought we had a shot at having a good time.

We barely spoke to each other the entire trip. We discussed when we were going to eat and that was essentially all.

Only one person approached us to chat while we sat at the window seat and that was an insane person, I don't remember where she was from but I remember thinking, please get me away from her, she's completely nuts.

COSGU loved her. She told me that that person was the only person on the boat she'd want to hang around with.

Oh. Okay.

I'm sure we can get you a double at the santarium.

(Why sanitarium and not insanitarium?)

The first full day of the cruise we got up around 11 and went on deck.

Since we decided to take this cruise COSGU has been making noise about wanting to lie out on the topless deck. About letting the "dollies" (I find that so repugnant a nickname for breasts I nearly swatted her every time she said it) free to worship the sun.

Her mother bet her she wouldn't do it. She was sure she would but that I would chicken out.

I have no issue with nudity.

We got to the "Clothing Optional" deck and picked our chairs. Directly behind us was an obnoxious guy of about 32 and his friends who would be mildly obnoxious on their own but where bright or sober enough to be embarassed by the horror show their friend was putting on. We did not get topless right away but settled in to warm in the sun and he began walking back and forth by us talking loudly about this being the topless deck and how some people didn't know what topless meant.

I took it only so long before I instructed him that those of us who could read knew it was the clothing optional deck and that I didn't see him whipping out Mr. Teeny.

He left shortly after and I let the top fly. COSGU sort of snuck hers down some and then off and then laid on her stomach mumbling about how she couldn't believe she went through with it and her mother could kiss her ass because she was topless on the topless deck.

Whatever, I'm checking out the babes.

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