2004-09-27 - 5:21 p.m.

We split that day because she had a massage two hours before mine. She had wanted to book them at the same time but there weren't two available, so joy of joys I got a reprieve.

I sat on deck and watched a bunch of shipmates play survivor, and I laughed for the first time since I got on the boat. I realize now that no one but crazy lady spoke to us when we were together because we were so morose looking...

I went through the shops and bought jewelery and a bathing suit wrap in black lace and a few other fun things. I drank in my favorite of the bars (a black and white piano bar, so cool) and then headed back to our cabin to shower and exfoliate and take care of all those little details that you do before a full body massage.

She to the door while I was actually in the shower only she couldn't get the door to open because I had locked it in such a way as to bypass any type of key opening it (I don't like the staff wandering while I'm shaving all my bits thank you) so she stands in the hallway and pounds on the door and yells her head off for me to open it for her.

I crawl out of the shower, wrap myself in a towel yank the door open, tell her to shut up and slam the bathroom door.

She stands outside the bathroom door and yells in that I'd better make sure I shave everywhere.

I have no idea what she's getting at but I do what I do and get out of the shower.

As I dress in a sundress and bathsuit bottom for my walk to the spa I ask her how her massage was and she says it was excellent.

Huh. She liked it. Hey Mikey.

As I'm heading out the door she wants to know what time I'll be done (She had just a neck and back massage, I am having a full facial and full body massage because I'm a spa whore) and where are we meeting when it's over.

Just go sit at the window seats in a few hours, I'll find you.

My massage and facial are by far the best thing that happens on the boat though the massage does not even begin to compare to that of my good buddy Wendiloo who is a magician.

It is calming and quiet and COSGU free and I am sucking up every second of it.

When they finally kick me out I go to grab some water at our favorite little window bench and there she is, waiting.

I approach, motion to Teddy that I need a water and sit.

She sits motionless and watching the casino. She says nothing.
Teddy comes with my water she clicks her nails on her Cosmo glass and raises her eyes to him. He nods and wanders off (God bless Teddy we tipped him like a maniac).

Finally after sitting in silence for about 15 minutes I ask her what she did while I was getting pampered.


Well, did you check out the shops?


Did you get more sun?


Did you...

"no,I sat in our room until I came here to meet you."

and then, if it was possible she became even more annoying and bizzare with me.

I'm thinking that while I was off being pampered she read my journal.

Okay kids, that's all for now, the Lep. is waiting to leave and I'm off for the rest of the week. If you're very good I'll leave you a message or two from the home of Wendiloo...or maybe even one from topsecretville.

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