2004-09-13 - 1:28 p.m.

Everybody here now?

Everybody make it over from the last page?

Let me just grab a quick head count...

uh huh...you in the back, could you just get on your tip toes or...oh, good, nice that guy was sweet to let you on his shoulders like that...

okay. Everyone's here. Everyone was smart enough to hit next or whatever the hell it says on the bottom of these pages that gets you to the next one.

Last friday.

I think you all have last friday. If not, go back and I think I have last friday pretty much wrapped up by "bile", but we need to add this to last friday:

Leave work. Wait. Attempt to leave work. Sean has to change boots.

Use this time to watch video tape of Ellen rapping with Nelly (It's gettin hot in here...). Try not to beat Amanda into a bloody stump when she says Ellie should stick to hosting.

Okay, Ellen and Sean are finished, time to leave.

La la la.

Close gate with Sean (Adam always does this by himself but Sean needs my help. Sean's a baby.)

Begin to drive to bank to get money.

Not ALL THAT MONEY I SHOULD HAVE HAD no, but the pittance I am paid to sit here and type in my diary all day.


I feel like I've forgotten....


Big smelly buckets of moldy crud.

I forgot my handicap placard at the lab.

Yes, darlings, though I may seem indestructable, I am indeed broken.

I drive back to the lab and consider how it's going to suck to open and shut the gate all by myself.

This gate sucks to open and shut. It's heavy, it sticks, and my feet suck so I have a hard time.

No, I realize, I don't have to really open the gate. I can just unlock it, push it a little, walk down to the lab and get my placard.


You know, as long as I'm going back there I should grab the bag in my car with the rotting chicken leg that I brought for lunch a few days ago, and throw that away.

I grab a bag from my car and walk down to the lab.

I get my parking dooohicky (that's what the registry calls it, by the way) and a few other things that I forgot I forgot and throw away the bag.

I walk back to the top of the hill, lock the gate and start on my merry way.

Remember, this is the day that I woke up, found out about the lack of money, got sick, went back to sleep and had dreams about the money not being there. I am super tired, super stressed and now I"m forgetting things.

I go to the bank, there was some stupid problem there I don't remember.

I get home.

Mom wants to tell me all about her day the second I walk through the door.

I don't understand this concept.

We're going out to dinner. We always go on friday nights, almost always to the same place. Before we leave she will sit in the living room and tell me everything new she has to say and then ask about my day and by the time we get to dinner we just sit there and stare at each other.


We eat and I hear about Michaela's classes, which she loves this sememster and the Veal's dad introduces me to his "new" girlfriend for like the billionth time and we go home.

I collapse on the sofa. I know there's some stuff I have to do, workish stuff, stuff to get paid that money that I'm waiting for because they appparently keep no records when you work for the state. The thing is I"m burned out. So I lie on the sofa, trying to read Reba on the tv while mom talks to Uncle Bob on the phone.

As I lie there thinking about all the work crap I need to do I figure, well I'll have a peek in this bag I brought in from the car because I'm fairly certain that my date book (which has basically everything I need to live) is in that bag.

I lean down. I look in the bag...

Anyone wanna guess what's in the bag?

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