2004-09-13 - 1:17 p.m.

About a year ago some of the tiles in my kitchen ceiling began to buckle some.

Then the cat go upstairs and somehow ended up between the floor and ceiling.

Then a portion of the ceiling caved in.

It's this really cheap, crappy old partical board or something that links together. Aparently alot of people have this in PA and KY, but I don't live in either of those places.

My grandfather, who built the house with my dad and uncles, did however live in PA so here I am with this crap ceiling.

I work for the state. I have student loan payments and car payments and a life to lead and could not afford to have the damn thing fixed the way it should have been.

My cousin, who does this kind of stuff said he'd come do it as soon as he got a chance.

Long story, slightly less long, he is supposed to come today or tomorrow.

At midnight last night my mother decided it was time to take down anything he could possibly break.

You might think this sounds like a good idea, but the truth is, we've heard that my cousin was coming a number of times in the past and he has never shown up.

This drives my mother crazy and pushes everyone's blood pressure through the roof.

Anyway, okay. So we take down everything in the house...kitchen...and a little of the living room.

Ever notice how, when you start taking things off of places, you need to clean that whole place now?

Maybe you don't. Maybe you're Martha Stewart. Maybe you're Felix Unger. Maybe you have minions that clean for you...whatever.

I noticed. I cleaned.

Mind you, this is after the weekend of ...oh. Wait.

You don't know about my weekend.

Let me tell you about my weekend.

Maybe in another post...

so you don't feel overwhelmed by this one long post.

and so that it looks like I post alot in a day.

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