2004-09-09 - 12:38 p.m.

I should be cleaning right now.

And catching up on some work stuff.

But I feel as though I've neglected you.

Hmmm, I just remembered a few things I had in mind for you, diary dear.

Let's see...

Went with Splink to see the new Tom Cruise movie, Collateral. It didn't make me want to stick anything in my eyes. It didn't make me want to be run over by a train. It was a decent movie.

I wouldn't go see it again, I wouldn't even rent it, but it didn't make me say, this would have been better if I had written it, which is like a miracle.

The last two Tom movies I saw, Vanilla Sky and Eyes Wide Shut, they were like trauma. I wanted to sue Tom for post traumatic stress. I was afraid of theaters. Anyone who says that the movies were brilliant pieces of art and that people who didn't like them just don't get it are full of crap. They don't get it either, they just want to be pretentious. Screw that crap. Those movies were bad acid trips and nothing more.

Whew. Climb down from that soap box.

Hey, anyone else hear the good news?

I was right all along, Ellen Degeneres is indeed God.

Well, at least she'll play Her in a movie. They're remaking Oh God next summer and Ellie's playing God. That outta get the bible belters out there thumpin' and prayin.

I feel like this is a movie review column instead of a diary entry.

I wonder if everyone on diaryland thinks they are writers waiting to be discovered? I bet most of us are. I've started thinking lately how great it would be to write a column for some magazine like Jane, just bitching about crap.

Maybe not.

My cd player is fixed in my car. I know you were all real worried about that. You can relax now.

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