2003-12-18 - 12:34 p.m.

Oh look Song lyrics! It's been awhile,since I've bothered you with lyrics and I was listening to the SheDaisy cd last night and thinking about how fitting these lyrics seemed for the whole Ellen thing that's worming holes into my brain.


I thought that this was supposed to feel good

And if you were really mine

I guess it would

I didn't fall in love

'Cause it was the right thing to do

I just went ahead and fell for you

Oh, somewhere down along the line

I guess that love became a crime

This contradiction makes no sense

This is punishment

I feel like this is judgement day

I'll raise my hand, stand up and say

I don't believe I'm innocent

This is punishment

Truth is your heart was never mine to take

Now I'm stuck in a feeling

That I'll never shake

I prayed for it to go

God knows I want it to stay

But here I am loving you either way

You'll never feel all the things I can't say

And I'll never know if it's better this way

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