2003-12-17 - 3:00 p.m.

It seems so strange to have so little to say in here but to have such a constant dialog in my head.

I spent my lunch watching yesterday's Ellen which I taped while I was at work. I tape her every day but never have time to watch so now the new plan is to run two tapes, take one to work to watch the previous days show(s) while the other is at home taping. I'm also taping The People's Court. I just love that Judge Milian, she cracks me up when she gets all hispanic on people.

Maybe here's why I don't have much to say in the diary, most of my internal dialog is wrapped around Ellen, in weird ways but around her none the less and I'm guessing lots of people are getting sick of hearing her name so that makes me have so little to say here.

I sat in on one meeting last week and one this week where everyone thought I was taking very dilligent notes but in reality I was trying to perfect making Ellen's initials into a heart and then drawing little lines from the sides of the heart so that her initials made a fish.



You know what I noticed today while watching yesterday's Ellen?

1. I wish I were the santa from that show (she sat on his lap and whispered in his ear).

2. I wish I were Shirley Maclaine's dog (who got to jump in El's lap and lick her face)

3. I LOVE it when El wears her glasses.

4. Ellen is like a happier and more masculine version of Nick.

That last one deserves a little more thought, but really, there's something there.

I've been seeing alot of that lately though so maybe it's more me.

Yesterday I was at the used music store buying a bunch of Melissa Etheridge cds (I know, I'm a walking cliche') and they had a Bowie cd on. They had the cover open on top of the player and the inside picture made Bowie look just like Annie Lenox. Give it some thought, they really do look alike.

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