2003-11-26 - 3:11 p.m.

It would appear that Dobie had bigger fish to fry than mine and his quiet around me etc. has had nothing to do with my assumptions. It turns out Dobie is having financial whoa's borne of finding out in one week that he needs to buy not one but two new (as in 2004) cars. This on top of his baby type plans is making him a little freaked out and so, as is Dobie's normal behavior he went inside himself for a bit.

Today though he came in around noon and sat in my office and talked for 2 straight hours, and not one little bit about work, just all personal junk and car junk and stuff.

I'm keeping the snakes though, because it'd just like me to forget that just because he's friendly today doesn't mean there's not something lurking.

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