2003-11-26 - 11:35 a.m.

Went to dinner last night with the gang. It seems a good time was had by all, I think probably mostly by the Bug who got to be King of the Table. He seemed to be holding court and enjoying the popularity which is nice for him. He needs that sort of reinforcement.

We laughed alot and it was incredibly nice to just let that happen. My beautiful "son" Henry picked up the tab for the whole thing which was too much and so generous and so like him. He is an angel my boy.

Seeing Michelle of course was the best of the whole thing. The girl makes me giddy with joy just by being. There is a goodness and light to her that is so amazing to be around, not to mention she's a knockout, and puts up with my blantant desire to keep her man locked in my basement. (With enough head room in the cage for him to stand)

I enjoyed myself so much I even forgot the raging cold that is trying desperately to invade my body right now.

By the time I was home though it had resumed. My eyes aren't so much open today as tiny slits of pain.

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