2003-11-19 - 2:43 p.m.

and the saga continues:

4. Kiss that took you most by surprise because of WHO kissed you:

Matthew, definitely. For those of you who don’t know (hard to imagine) Matt (this is going to be the readers digest version cause it’s a really really long story) was a friend who was dating another friend until he decided he liked dating boys better. Then he stopped dating my other friend and started dating boys until he decided to spend every waking moment with me and I fell in love with him even though I knew that was a really stupid thing to do. So er…I’m in love with him and he’s gay, that’s the set up. My also now ex b.f. (best friends have a very short shelf life with me) Deirdre had come up from Florida to spend the week and even though she had a real thing about not wanting to meet any of my other friends because…oh, let’s not even go there because this will turn into a Deirdre rant, but anyway, usually she hated that but she really wanted to meet Matt so we all went to dinner together at Chili’s which is about the only place Deirdre will eat. D ended up loving Matt (everyone loved Matt) and we were having a great time. She got up to go to the bathroom and Matt and I were at the table alone. I made a smart ass remark that I don’t remember and he stuck his tongue out at me. I made my automatic comeback “don’t stick it out unless you want to use it” and he kissed me. Long, deep and slow. Spectacular kiss. I almost fell outta my chair. So, yeah, surprise. It was the first of many though, he decided he was in love with me too…and the story went on for a long time. This might be a good time to see how many of you read this far. You may remember awhile back I challenged you to figure out who it was that I missed the most, which man I still feel a pain in my heart when I think about and some of you made your guesses? Not one of you got it right. It’s Matt. Every damn day I miss that man. I’d love to get those days back. Sniff.

5. Person you’ve met that you regret not kissing:

Well, there’ve probably been more than a few. Remember the guy Mark who bought me the tea that was such a big deal? He shows up here: http://oomm.diaryland.com/030501_12.html and then again here: http://oomm.diaryland.com/030501_58.html and the tea entry http://oomm.diaryland.com/030502_2.html . Well, when we were students together we had a few of what my online friends would call “shippy” moments, moments that felt like something a relationship would or could start from, but they never gelled. There was an attraction though. He tried to kiss me at a Christmas party once right in front of the Bug and I pushed him away jokingly. Then one day, after I broke my feet, I was sitting in a wheelchair, alone in a lab taking an exam. We hadn’t seen each other since I fell and he came in to see me. He was super excited and before he left he bent down and kissed me. At was not a peck on the cheek, it was a kiss on the lips, a soft, somewhat lingering kiss on the lips, and so out of context, so outside of what my life was like at the time that I don’t believe I returned that kiss even a little. So while technically we’ve kissed, I still feel like he’s someone I wish I had kissed. It would have been nice to have taken a more active role in that one.

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