2003-11-19 - 3:16 p.m.

6. Kiss that took your breath away:

Jeff’s kisses took my breath away every single time, but we’ve talked about him. We’ll throw Glenn in here. Glenn would be the Benson’s Animal Farm kiss. Skip it if you know it.

Setting the scene: I was 16 years old and working at the zoo/animal farm. The very first day I worked there I met a guy named Glenn who was 6 foot 3 and cute as heck. I developed an instant crush on him. That first day I made him wash the floor of the ice cream stand I was working in and he started calling me his “Princess”. It didn’t take long to learn that Glenn was 22 and his live in girlfriend worked at the park with us. Glenn flirted with me but I’m sure saw me mostly as a little sister. He would do everything for me and I ate it up. I was head over heels. His girlfriend and I had limited contact but she hated me and never missed an opportunity to throw an insult my way.

We worked through the summer like this, he even got into a fight defending me against this wacky little guy who had become obsessed with me. As the fall loomed Glenn left to work full time at his “real job” and the zoo opened only on weekends. Glenn assured me he’d show up closing day to say goodbye. By this time I was working with the animals much more than I was working in food stands but had agreed to work the fudge/cookie shop the last day and “close it down” which meant cleaning it within an inch of perfection and getting rid of all food materials at the end of the day. Fudge shop was connected by a short hallway to fried foods. You couldn’t enter or leave fudge shop without going through fried foods, unless you crawled through the window (it happened more often than you’d wanna know). Daylight was wasting and I hadn’t heard from Glenn in a few weeks. I was getting worried that he wasn’t coming to say goodbye.

I heard a commotion in fried food and went around the corner to see Glenn walk in. I nearly squealed with excitement (I was a dork) “You CAME!” his response “I always do.” Was met by a groan from his girlfriend who was close on his tail. I sulked and went back around the corner to fudge shop. I had no intention of saying goodbye to him with her next to me. Glenn followed me around the corner, the girlfriend fortunately stayed to chat with the fried folk. We made small talk, I fretted about not getting the stand clean enough fast enough and we hugged goodbye. Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe it.

When he was gone I felt let down. I had wanted a big movie goodbye scene but instead I got both of us acting weird and trying to not be spied on by his over possessive girlfriend.

I cleaned the stand but couldn’t really concentrate so it took longer than it should have. Before I knew it dark had fallen outside my window and the fried folks had shut down and gone home. I peered outside the stand and saw nothing but blackness. Completely panicked I thought that the entire park had closed, locked down and gone home and I would be trapped there until morning. The zoo was in the woods. When the lights were out it was the kind of dark you can only understand if you’ve been in the woods on a moonless night. This is the kind of dark where you can’t see your hand literally an inch from your face. I thought I heard Dick’s truck. Dick was the guy who came and took the money after everyone was gone, cleaned out the registers into his little locked truck. He and I had had a problem early in the season where I felt that he was harassing me sexually because I had flirted a little and he was getting handsy. Dick was in his 30’s and creepy, not good at taking no for an answer unless someone else was in the room. Glenn had set him straight as well, but only with a word, there were no punches thrown with him. Since then he had been respectful with me, but not friendly. I didn’t care, Dick’s truck was better than being at the bottom of the hill in the pitch black, not even sure I could find the path to the offices at the top of the hill. I ran in the direction of the sound. I was nearly in tears, my heart racing. I ran WHAM right into what felt like a large tree. Only the tree lifted me up and without a word kissed me deeply.


“You came back.” “Did you think I was going to let that be our goodbye?” “Where is everyone?” “Up top” “Where did you tell her you were going?” “To say goodbye to you.” “Bet she liked that.” “Fuck her.” Another lovely kiss, and then at last he set me back on the ground. Breathless.

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