2003-10-28 - 2:00 p.m.

Because it's mine.

She lays on the wall, watching the strangers drift away,

Mid-day's ore thick with the sun of arabia.

She surrenders her voices they gather, on the wind, talkin,

Chanting, breathing into her body...


Awakened beside the scent of burnt sugar - on the skin,

Painting eyes - thick with the color she brings in

Oh, and sure and strong when the lightning tumbles down,

Don't you frown, everything will be in time for this evening..

If there's secrets she has to be party to,

Every one of them,If there's heaven she gets to the heart -

And you'll wonder...

Why she says.. when i run out of blue,

Help me rise instead,

Now i can run to you.

Why she says.. when i run out of blue,

Give me rain instead,

Now let me run... / (now i can run to you...)

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