2003-08-27 - 1:23 p.m.

mmmm. I had a nice head of steam worked up for that duran entry and then WendiLouHoo called to see how everyone was and we went through a bunch of the Duran related issues and now I'm less...huh...less something. Steamy?


I feel less reigned it. I let some of it spill out. The pressure release valve has been turned.

Good news for me, bad news for the diary, I'm much more fun with a good head of steam.

heh. Steam. Surf boy just dropped in for a nice long talk about our doggies. He wants me to bring Ketos in for a visit and I said I would when he feels better. yay.

Focus girl...focus.

Forget focus. Right after I typed that Surf Boy dropped in for an extended conversation about lots of stuff. Surf boy's biceps are looking spectacular.

I just found out that he paints. This information knocked me on my ass.

I had no idea he had this kind of creativity in him.

We were discussing the whale watch that wendi and I went on last week and he asked if I saw the murals. I said I never noticed murals there. I knew where the touch tank was and the representation of "salt"'s fluke. He said he did salt's fluke, and a mural next to it. He's painted all sorts of things in all kinds of media. WHO KNEW????

I told him I want him to bring in pictures of his work. I told him I want him to paint murals for the office, he gave that the thumbs down.

We talked for 2 hours straight about nothing at all and I have to tell you, I am so blessed to work with him. All that other stuff aside, I just love having Scott around to spend my day with.

Derailed again, we'll try another page for Duran style angst shall we?

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